Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Example of accordion book

One of my accordion style books, often taught in my classes on collage. The theme of this one is travel.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Classes

May 22 is the first class of a 4 week session of "Large and Loose" at the Arts Project. If you are interested in learning some ways to work more abstractly or in a non-objective manner, or just wanting to loosen up your style please visit the Arts Project on Dundas Street in London, On. or go to the web site-- for more information. The class has only a few spots left!


The Lambeth Annual Art Show and Sale last weekend was very successful (lots of visitors and sales were brisk). I sold 3 and the piece featured above, "Night", won an Honors award.  "Night" is from a series of work using poured acrylics, such a fun process and a great way to practice letting go and allowing the paint to discover its own way around the canvas.

The Marathon

Here is a preview of the work I am submitting this year to Artprize in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This piece which is one of 4 panels is 30X60 inches and the other panels will be 30X30(2) and another 30X60. The topic is a road race and other subjects that are part of a race. I was thinking about why people like to be in groups and for some reason running and marathons caught my interest. Oddly, I am do not run!